MP for Ho Central launches book

THE Member of Parliament (MP) for Ho Central in the Volta Region, Benjamin Komla Kpodo has launched a book, ‘Moving Ho Central Constituency Forward for More Development,’ chronicling achievements in the constituency during his tenure of office.

The 31-page book, largely pictorial, highlights projects undertaken in the education, health, sanitation, water and road sectors, among others over the past eight years.

In a foreword, Mr Kpodo said the book was to present the visible achievements chalked in the constituency, politically and socially and validate “what we have seen and heard or may not have heard or seen as upward movement or change in the growth and development of our constituency since 2013, regarding the roles of the MP and our objective is to move the constituency forward for more development”.

Mr Kpodo, who is seeking the nod for a third term in the legislature, explained at the launch that the longer a law maker served in parliament the more experience he acquired with a stronger voice to move the development agenda of his constituency.

“This is why some MPs have served for four or five terms, my third term will consolidate the development gains so far in the constituency, initiate more development projects towards efficiently and effectively contributions to debates and other parliamentary businesses in parliament over the period.

“These include a statement on the rotation of the nation’s Independence Day celebration over the regional capitals, another is the landmark case of what constitutes “total revenue” in computation of amounts due to the District Assemblies Common Fund and as member of the Finance Committee, I participates actively in all budget and financial deliberations and debates,” Mr Kpodo indicated.

He is currently the Deputy Ranking Member of the Local Government and Rural Development Committee of Parliament, and thus, tours almost all the district assemblies as part of his oversight duties.

Mr Kpodo has represented parliament and the country on several international assignments in the United States of America, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Australia, Zambia, South Africa and Turkey among others.


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