MoFA launches farmers market in Accra

 The Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) on Friday launched a farmers market to sell food­stuffs at affordable prices to the public in Accra.

Dubbed ‘PFJ Market,’ it was or­ganised by MoFA under its flagship programme, Planting for Food and Jobs.

The move saw scores of public sector workers, within the ministries enclave, rush to MoFA’s premises to purchase plantain.

Others also moved to the Efua Sutherland Park where different types of rice were on display for sale.

Mr Tanko Bagbara, head of the Public Relations Unit of MoFA, in an interview with the Ghanaian Times, said the open market was one of the interventions the ministry was em­ploying to curtail rising food prices.

Additionally, he noted that the

move was to ensure that produce from farms scattered across the country were made available at the various markets to consumers.

Mr Bagbara said the open market idea was developed by the minister, following a tour of farms in five regions where he observed that the farmers were unable to transport large quantities of foodstuffs to the market.

The Head of Public Relations 

 stated that the open market event, which was in its pilot stage, would be scaled-up in the coming weeks based on its success.

He said the ministry, as part of the market organisation, would cart foodstuffs from the farms to the markets in Accra.

“The minster took the decision to launch an open market after he observed during his trips to five regions, including Western North and Central, that there were enough food from the farms but transporta­tion to the various markets had been a problem.

“This open market is one of the interventions by the ministry to ensure food supply is enhanced and ensure a reduction in prices,” he added.

Mr Bagbara said the ministry had developed a bill that sought to mandate the Grains Development Authority to establish warehouses for the storage of procured food and ensure regular supply of food.

He noted that the ministry had also placed a ban on the export of foodstuffs to neighbouring countries to prevent shortage.

One of the consumers, Anita Kyei, commended the ministry for initiat­ing the farmers market, adding that the move would help deal with the soaring food prices which was taking all their income.


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