MOE poised to enhance access to quality education

The Ministry of Education will soon roll out policies and programmes to enhance access to quality education in the country.

Making it an all-inclusive arena, the ministry is also poised to transform Ghana’s educational setting into an Information Communication Technology (ICT) world.

Director, General Administration, Ministry of Education, Mrs Catherine Appiah-Pinkrah, said this at the 50th anniversary celebration of higher education for the blind by the Ghana Blind Union (GBU) in Accra.

“As part of the mandate of the ministry, we are working on a number of policies that will help us with the evolutionary level that we find ourselves in,” she said.

“We spoke about transforming our education into an Information Communication and Technological world and we will go accordingly and not leave anyone behind. We will make sure that every citizen has the right to quality education,” she added.

Again, Mrs Appiah-Pinkrah noted that the Ministry in collaboration with its partners were working to ensure that every child in the country went to school in an environment that enhanced conducive teaching and learning.

“We are working with our partners to make sure every child is in the classroom and also making sure our teaching and learning system is favourable,” she said.

Mrs Appiah-Pinkrah indicated that there was going to be an initiative which would ensure that every child got screened on his or her first day at school for the detection of any impending health issues.

“One other programme we are working on is also to make sure that with what we call ‘My First Day at School,’ every child that set foot in the classroom for the first time is screened to detect if the child has any impending issues like visual, hearing or speaking impairment,” she said.

“Here, at the ministry, we believe that if it is detected early, it can be treated to prevent any further damage,” she added.

Furthermore, the Director of General Administration of the Ministry stated that while regions with special needs schools would be improved, other regions with no special needs schools would be provided with such facilities to give equal access and quality education to all and sundry.


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