Moderator chides church leaders for breakdown of morality

The Rt Rev Samuel Prosper Dzomeku, Moderator of the Global Evangelical Church has blamed church leaders for the high levels of moral decadence and the paucity of honest leadership in the country.

According to him, majority of Ghanaians profess to be Christians but the lifestyles of most of the citizens do not reflect the virtues demonstrated in the teachings of Jesus Christ, a situation which has led to a complete breakdown of morality in the country.

Speaking at the climax of the 60th Anniversary Celebrations of The Lord’s Pentecostal Church International at Tokokoe near Ho in the Volta Region at the weekend, Rt Rev Dzomeku said, “the recent Population and Housing Census puts the population of Christians at more than 70 percent, a situation which should reflect in the lives of the church and church leadership, but we only witness the contrary.”

Rt Rev Dzomekywho was a special guest preacher at the ceremony, lamented that, “there is a high level of dishonesty in the society because people are always looking for quick ways of making money.”

“How can anyone justify what has happened in the banking sector, when most of the people who created the rot that led to the near collapse of the banking sector and the subsequent cleanup are practicing Christians?” he queried.

“This is not what Christ taught us, and the church leaders who are selling all manner of merchandize just to make money off the unsuspecting followers, this is not what Christ taught in the bible,” he added.

He revealed that, “during their youthful days, preachers who sold merchandize such as anointing oil and handkerchiefs to their congregations were berated as being charlatans, but these things have become institutionalized in the churches these days.”

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the Anniversary Celebrations and the ordination of new ministers for the Church, Apostle Eric Essandoh Anim Otoo, General Overseer of The Lord’s Pentecostal Church International stated that, “the country is facing a crisis of servant leaders, leaders who would carry the burden of the members of the church instead of lording their clerical positions over the congregation.”

Apostle Otoo stated that, “these days, some men of God, especially the pray for me pastors have become virtual conmen. They tell their members to bring their money and other possessions so that they can pray over them before use. But in many of such cases, the members end up being swindled by the unscrupulous pastors.”

“We are therefore all of the newly ordained ministers to live above reproach and be careful of your relationship with members of your congregations,” Apostle Otoo said.

In all, five Apostles, seven Reverend Ministers, 19 Pastors, four Elders, one Deaconess, and five music ministers were ordained. Their professions cuts across accounting, banking, teaching, and marketing.

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