MMDCEs asked to step up roles

Municipal and district chief executives in the Eastern Region have been admonished to step up their roles to improve the livelihoods of the people in their respective areas to improve upon the District League Table.

The 2018/2019 report showed that all the 32 administrative municipalities and districts in the region performed poorly in all the indicators including education, health, sanitation, security, water coverage and open defecation.

In education, specifically, the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), the highest placement by a district in Eastern Region was 11th whilst the worst performed district placed 119th position, and in open defecation, the district also performed poorly

Eric Dafuor, the Eastern Regional Minister noted that it was an indictment on chief executives saying, “If as a municipal or district chief executive, you could not deliver to the people with all resources and logistics at your disposal, then it’s an indictment on you.”

The Regional Minister, who did not hide his disappointment, indicated that it was unacceptable in education, sanitation, health, water, birth and death registration and security, which were the basic needs of every society, the districts in the region scored low marks.

Mr Dafuor was addressing the opening of a two-day Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) meeting attended by heads of decentralised government agencies and departments, MMDCEs and their presiding members and heads of security agencies in the region.

It was to afford members of the council to take stock of performance by departments, agencies, MMDCEs and stakeholders to strategise the way forward in implementing government’s policies and programmes for the benefit of the people

The District League Table was introduced by United Nations Emergency Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and Centre for Democratic Development (CDD) in 2014 to help identify disparities in resources and social development among districts.

Mr Dafuor charged MMDCEs to step up their roles as leaders and managers of their respective districts to enhance development, since it was not about position of being a Chief Executive and the euphoria, but managing resources to the advantage of people. -gna.org

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