Minority criticises majority for suspension of debate on govt’s financial policy

The Minority in Parliament has chastised the Majority side for absenting themselves from yesterday’s sitting of the House for deliberations on the financial policy of government for 2020.

A statement signed and issued by Haruna Iddrisu, Minority Leader in Accra yesterday, said the actions of the Majority led to the suspension of parliamentary proceedings for an hour to enable leadership go into conclave on the matter.

It called on the Majority side to commit themselves to their responsibilities as Members of Parliament (MP).

The statement said budget debates were a crucial parliamentary function adding that the lack of interest of the Majority side of the House was disturbing.

“The budget debates are a crucial parliamentary function, that the lack of interest of the Majority side of the House is disturbing. The core mandate of oversight and scrutiny of appropriations is at the heart of Parliament and we would guard this role jealousy,” it added.

The Minister of Finance presented to Parliament government’s budget statement and economic policy for the year 2020 last Thursday.

Parliament commenced debate on the contents from Monday, November 18.


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