Minority considering boycott of 2020 SONA

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Members of Parliament (MPs) are considering a boycott of the State of the Nation Address (SONA) which is scheduled for next Thursday, February 20.

The MPs said despite a provision for parliamentarians to receive some five per cent of the District Assemblies’ Common Fund, the government has failed to release same.

The minority legislators resolved at a Minority Caucus meeting to give the executive up to tomorrow (Friday) to release the money.

In the absence of this, they may not be in the Chamber when President Nana Akufo-Addo visits the House to deliver the annual address.

The MP for Bodi, Sampson Ahi in an interview said they were convinced the delay in releasing the money was a deliberate attempt by the executive to sabotage them ahead of the December general election.

He said although both Majority and Minority members have not received the money, it was the Minority who were feeling the pain.

“When you are in the Majority and the monies are released to the assemblies, you are seen to be working because the MPs have some influence over how they are disbursed,” he said.

He said their case was different, with the Minority who should work extra hard to develop their constituency which the executive has been trying to stifle.

He told journalists that “close to two months ago, they released the money to the District Assemblies [but] we do not know when they are going to release the MPs share.”

He said the funds are for the last quarter of 2019; “which ended in September,” stressing the time for the monies’ release was overdue.


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