MiDA hands over booster power substation to University of Ghana

The Millennium Development Authority (MiDA) has handed over 52 Mega Volts Amps (MVA) Primary Substation and its associated Interconnecting Circuits (ICC) to serve the University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC) and its environs.

The facility, which will ensure a stable power supply, is extended to Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, Ghana Standards Authority, Okponglo area, Fiesta Royale, Ghana Institute of Public Administration (GIMPA) and the surrounding areas.

The project worth $11million was funded by the Ghana Power Compact Programme funded by the United States Government, acting through the 

Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), 

Inaugurating the facility, the Deputy Minister for Energy, Mr Mohammed Amin Adam, said the substation had been integrated into the existing Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) 33kV Sub-transmission Network through a total of 24 km of 33kV interconnecting circuits.

According to him, UGMC Primary Substation was one of many electric infrastructural assets, which formed part of the ECG Financial and Operational Turnaround (EFOT) Project of the Compact Programme.

He said equipment within the substation comprised of two 20/26MVA transformers, located outdoors and switching equipment housed in a basement-type Control Building. 

“The substation has been sized to provide for any future extension of the 33kV and 11kV switchgear and power is evacuated to the UGMC and other load centres through 41.4 km of 11kV offloading circuits,” he said.

The Deputy Minister said the UGMC could now operate in an environment of a more stable and reliable power. 

“With the substation in close proximity to these institutions and with sufficient redundant capacity, the risk of equipment failure due to voltage fluctuations is significantly reduced,” he said.

Mr Adam said the substation would improve power supply, quality and reliability and reduced technical losses in ECG’s Distribution System, ultimately contributing to improved financial performance.

 He added that it would also improve redundancy and consequently improve reliability of the sub-transmission network in the said areas.

The minister said a stable power was key to development, adding that electricity was no longer a luxury but basic necessity, and commended the MiDA and MCC for their high level of professionalism and diligence in ensuring that the project had come to fruition.

Prof. Yaa Ntiamoa-Baidu Chairperson, MiDA said the Compact Programme recognised the need for ECG to meet the increasing demand for power and improve the services it offered to its customers and vital public installations in the Accra East and Accra West Regions.

Steven Marma, the Resident Country Director said his outfit would continue to fund projects that would benefit Ghanaians, adding that MCC was investing 316 million dollars through the Ghana Compact Programme.

The Chief Executive of UGMC, Dr Darius Osei, expressed gratitude to MiDA, MCC and government for providing them with a stable power supply, saying “As a health facility we need a stable and constant supply of power to work effectively.”

The substation was constructed by MessrsEiffageEnergieSystémes’ of France and the interconnecting and offloading circuits by Messrs TBEA Co. Ltd. of China.


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