Mfantsipim School marks 143rd Founders Day

The Mfantsipim School in the Central Region has marked its 143rd Founders Day celebration with an advice to students to learn positive habits and traits of persons who contributed to the school’s success.

Mr Magnus Rex Danquah, founder of Rics Consult Limited, who made the call, specifically mentioned some persons who had been named after the school’s various dormitories indicating that their exploits were essential in shaping students’ attitudes for the future.

“Boarders of these dormitories should over time learn to inculcate these traits and attributes in your lives because once you appreciate them, you will begin to take better care of things in the dormitory and have consciousness to put things right without prodding.

In fact, the administration would also then not look for extra funds every term to amend and repair the school’s properties,” he stated.

This year’s celebration was on the theme, “Let Mfantsipim Pass through You.”

According to Mr Danquah, the success of students in life to a large extent depended on “a holistic change of values, beliefs, principles and philosophies that ought to influence their lives which is moulded in the schools name, anthem, song, logo and motto- Dwen Hwe Kan.”

The alumni entreated students to envisage their future aspirations “to provide the continuum of all that Mfantsipim stands for to this nation and the world at large” and pen them down in what he called, the “Mfantsipin time capsule.”

“This will be sealed as part of a planned heritage site for the school so that each decade when you will have to come back to campus, then you can check how right you have been with such dreams.”

“This is an exercise for each and every one of us to see into the future, set benchmarks for life, forecast our own future so we could appreciate life better because it is only when an old boy has experienced what Mfantsipim truly is and allowed it to pass through him would you have said to have truly lived and be counted as one of the saints,” he said.

To the Chief Executive Officer, the school represented hope to the country and “we cannot afford to fail our nation, Ghana and Africa as the founding father planned and especially why they planned to have the Mfantsipim School and University across Africa over 143 years ago.”

By Times Reporter

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