Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year!!!

The Ghanaian Times goes on break from today till January 4, 2022, which means your authoritative newspaper will be absent from the newsstand till January 5, when it will resume to delight its cherished readers with the best of all manner of news.

Obviously, the break is due to the Yuletide, which, according to Germanic peoples, extends from December 21 to January 1 every year.

The period contains holidays for relaxation, which helps to invigorate the mind for better life in the new year.

The passing year has so far been one of significant events. This is the year that politically began with a hung parliament in this country for the first time.

So far, the controversies, the misunderstandings and the brawls in the house have their own lessons for the judgement of the citizenry.

On the health scene, the State has done its best to manage the COVID-19 and its variants, including Delta and the ‘reigning’ Omicron.

It is public knowledge how the pandemic has devastated the socio-economic lives of some people by taking away their livelihoods and making life unbearable for them.

What is unfortunate is that there is some resistance against the very measures meant to fight this health enemy, particularly vaccination and wearing of masks, that must change in the new year to help defeat the dreaded disease.

As we end the year, the Ghanaian Times wishes to also call attention to fatal robberies, burglaries, demonstrations that turned fatal, resistance to war on galamsey, murders and deaths on the roads, which smacked of some loopholes in the security architecture of the country.

The paper has not forgotten either the COVID-19 restrictions that took some joy out of the lives of the people, the debate on LGBTQ+, fatal fires, other fire outbreaks, fatal flooding, drowning cases and other unfortunate incidents that beset the country.

This paper never failed in bringing the relevant news about all these matters to the public domain because it was mindful of its social contract with the people.

This is why we cannot take a break without reminding readers of it and make them know that we would return with the necessary energy to serve them even better.

Much as we are itching to express our seasonal felicitations to our cherished readers in particular and the public in general, we wish to remind everyone of one or two important things.

COVID-19 is real, so we should ignore the conspiracy theorists and adhere to the safety measures, including vaccination and wearing of face masks.

This paper knows the Yuletide, especially the Christmas eve is a ‘bumper harvest’ and so they would make all attempts to increase their takings.

This paper humbly appeals to drivers to be cautious on the road, avoiding overloading and speeding and resting when they are tired.

However, since freedom corrupts, the Ghanaian Times appeals to the police not to let their guard down in road safety; they should give the drivers the appropriate marking because Ghanaians would be happy not experiencing needless fatalities.

While this paper particularly commend the security forces for protecting the country in their own special ways throughout the year, it wishes to express special condolences to families of personnel who lost their lives in the line of duty and even while on different missions, particularly innocent police personnel.

It is the prayer of this paper that security would be better henceforth.

Christmas and New Year celebrations call for Church and activities for the enjoyment of the people.

Revellers should be careful; this year deaths at the beaches must be avoided.

The Ghanaian Times welcomes newborns and wishes to meet all the other Ghanaians safe and healthy in 2022.

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