Mentally ill persons have take over some bus stops in Accra

Mentally ill persons have taken over some bus stops within the Accra metropolis, making the facilities ‘no-go-areas’ for commuters.

Some of the mentally ill persons use the bus stops as their permanent abode, and commuters cannot wait there for vehicles to connect to their respective destinations.  

The female ones sometimes use the bus stops as cooking places.

For instance at the frontage of the New Times Corporation, at the North Industrial Area, the bus stop there has been besieged by mentally ill persons, who have turned the facility into their home.

The Ghanaian Times gathered that some of these mentally ill persons in the metropolis had escaped from the psychiatric hospitals.

Commuters at the New Times Bus Stop, are, therefore, compelled to stand in the sun while the mentally ill persons sit comfortably on the neatly installed stadium-like seats mounted by beverage food company, Fanmilk.

The commuters and workers of the New Times Corporation, whose main gate is 50 yards from the bus stop, are exposed to danger.

 There is, therefore, the urgent need for the city authorities to salvage the situation as some of mentally ill at times become violent and wield offensive weapons.

The mentally ill persons during rush hours usually scream, shout and hurl insults at passersby.


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