Mentality hindering progress of Ghanaian players abroad – FIFA Agent

A FIFA football agent based in Barcelona, Ravi Nishan Daswani, says the mentality of many young Ghanaian players makes it difficult for themto succeed in Europe.

“Most African players, especially Ghanaians do not believe in long term investment in their careers for long-term success. This often leads to failed attempts at making a good career of their talents.”

Daswani made the observations in a chat with the Times Sports to­gether with his Portuguese partner, João Miguel Dos Santos, Managing Director of Stars Factory and Sports Agency.

The duo are in Ghana for scout­ing purposes for the Spanish and Portuguese leagues.

On the sidelines of the opening of the Catch Scouting tournament at the Mc Dan La Town Park on Monday, Mr Daswani said a lot of the Ghanaian players think that they would sign multi-million dollar con­tracts the moment they touch down.

“However, most of these players lack the mentality to survive out there. Signing the big contracts take time. They must put in the hard work before and understand what is expected of them first,” he said.

Mr Miguel Dos Santos also told the Times Sports that it was time players changed their mindset about automatically getting signed up when they travel to Europe, adding that, “it does not work that way.”

“Players must first come and learn, develop, get used to the language, weather, food, and every­thing, and if you are lucky in the next few years, you can become professional,” he stated.

He also opined that bringing players to Europe as young as 14 and 15, was okay because the younger they come, the better they are trained to become top profes­sionals.

The four-day tournament brought together 18 juvenile sides from which four players will be selected for trials.


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