Melcom unveils new brand logo, colours

The Melcom Group of Companies last Thursday unveiled its new brand logo and colours in Accra.

The colours were blue, red and white. The blue represents trustworthiness, reliability and calmness, the red means bold, strong and energetic, while the white signifies sophistication, purity and pristineness.

Mr Manoj Sadwhani, a Director of the Group, said expectations of customers had changed over the years for which reason there was the need for the company to evolve and focus on raising its service delivery standard to meet the changing needs of customers.

He noted that these changes were captured in line with the seven “Ps” of business strategy, including product, process, price, people, purpose, place and packaging.

“The company is expanding the product range of all its categories. We are aspiring to fulfil consumer desires across all demographics while blending the traditional with the modern to offer you world class products and services at your doorstep,” Mr Sadwhani said.

He said that Melcom was making significant investment in its fruits, vegetables, and bakery departments, by sourcing the best products both locally and internationally.

Mr Sadwhani said that the company was focused on training and skills development, especially for executives handling the departments.

He hinted that a new state of the art German Spa would be launched before the end of the year, to represent its new mantra which was health, wellness and happiness.

Mr Sadwhani asserted that the company would invest in technology and leverage on its economy of scale “to improve its original cedi saver,”and give customers the best value for money.

He said that the company had also engaged the services of global experts to deliver customer friendly shops and enhance better customer experience.

Another Director of the Group, Mr Rishi Melwani, said that it was important for the company to understand the details of the retail industry while keeping up with consumer trends.

“Retailing is detailing and it involves identifying the right item, acquiring it at the right price, distributing it to the right places in the right quantities at the right time, marketing it and successfully scanning it,” he added.

Mr Melwani said the company had incorporated these in its activities over the past years, adding that the company was committed to improving on them and keep giving back to the society.


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