Meet multi-talented artiste Akuwaboah

Gladstorm Kwabena Akwaboah Jnr known in showbiz circles as Akwaboah is a multi-talented Highlife musician, songwriter, producer and master keyboardist who hails from Mampong Beposo in the Ashanti Region.

He is the grandson of Highlife legend Kwabena Akwaboah, son of the legendary Kwadwo Akwaboah and a former member of the famous Mariotts International Band and Parch Bay Band.

The multi-talented artiste spent most of his youthful years in Accra together with his father and played for several local and international artistes including legendary Hugh Masekelaand John Legend.

The award winning highlife artiste has been celebrated over the years when he made a triumphant entry into the music industry in 2013 where he featured great artistes like Sarkodie, Efya, Seyishay and Strongman.

His unique talent had chalked down successes for other popular artistes in the industry which has made him to be one of the most admired singers and songwriters of our time.

Akwaboah hit the limelight with “Mesan Agye Wo,” “I do love you,” “Hello” among others and has an album to his credit, Times weekend had a hearty chat with him to know how he has evolved ever since he stepped into showbiz.

TW: Welcome Akwaboah!

Akwaboah: Thank you.

TW: Who is Akwaboah?

Akwaboah: I am a talented artiste, songwriter, producer and multi instrumentalist who is poised to entertain Ghanaians with good love songs.

TW: Great! Why did you choose music over other professions?

Akwaboah: I was born into it and I must say it is a natural gift which my family can’t do without.

TW: How did you start with your musical career?

Akwaboah: I started as an instrumentalist for Ophelia Nyantakyi, Amandzeba Nat Brew and Becca, yeah! That was it.

TW: How is your experience so far in the industry?

Akwaboah: Wow! It is has been great because I use every single opportunity to learn and to step up my game as a singer.

TW: What makes your music unique from others?

Akwaboah: My music conveys the need to love since we need one another to actualise God’s will in our life.

TW: What kind of love does your music preach?

Akwaboah: Agape love, platonic and enzymatic love. As humans we need love to complete us.

TW: Talking about love, are you married?

Akwaboah: No! I will rather not talk about it.

TW: Can you name some of the artistes you have written for?

Akwaboah: Becca, SP Kofi Sarpong, Ceccy Twum amongst others.

TW: What inspires your music?

Akwaboah: I listen to my intuition and it guides me in writing songs.

TW: You are a secular artiste yet you write for singers in the gospel fraternity, how do you do that? Is it because of money?

Akwaboah: No! It is not because of money. I actually sing in church and I believe in life we will account for our deeds some day that is why I am conscious about the songs I promote to the world.

TW: Which famous musician did you learn from?

Akwaboah: My dad, he is my mentor.

TW: Aside your dad which music legend do you admire and why?

Akwaboah: Kojo Antwi and Daddy Lumba because their music communicates a lot and their lyrics are refined. With the contemporary singers I love Sark and Stonebwoy because they are great musicians.

TW: Which song is your favourite?

Akwaboah: Basically when I am writing a song I treat each as a part of my heart so I don’t have a favourite track but the one Ghanaians go crazy with it is “Hold me down” and “Kye me bo”.

TW:  We know you are signed to ‘Sarkcess Music’ record label, but are you subject to brand loyalty?

Akwaboah: Yes! Until my contract ends with Sarkcess I won’t accept any contract.

TW: When will your contract end?

Akwaboah: It will end next month; actually it was a three-year contract.

TW: How has your music evolved since you began singing?

Akwaboah: When I look at four or five years ago, I have seen I have become more matured and better. I do my research and every year I release good tracks to excite my fans so I keep evolving.

TW: Being judge for kids’ talent hunt shows, how do you see the future of the industry?

Akwaboah: I can see the future is bright because the next generation are well talented we just have to teach them to inculcate the habit of live music performance with the music of our root which is highlife song.

TW: Have you felt anxious whilst performing?

Akwaboah: Yes, no matter how good you are, you will feel nervous.

TW: How did you handle it?

Akwaboah: I don’t actually do anything I just concentrate on the performance and within some few minutes I become okay to pull the crowd along.

TW: Where was your best performance venue?

Akwaboah: It was “Akwaboah unplugged” concert, and this is my yearly Valentine programme that I treat my fans with good music from my silky voice. 

TW: What do you do aside music?

Akwaboah: I am a full time musician, Music is a big job on its own and you can’t do it half way it has to be full time.

TW: At what point will you bow out of the entertainment industry?

Akwaboah: When it comes to music you will never get enough. I believe music is timeless and it will be there till my creator calls me because it is part of me.

TW: How do you want to be remembered?

Akwaboah: I want to be remembered for the lesson my music teaches as a preacher of love.

TW: How do you want people to see your brand?

Akwaboah: I should be seen as a matured music guy that sings exquisite music with rich lyrics.

TW: Akwaboah what new thing do you have for your fans?

Akwaboah: I am releasing a video of ‘Number one’ from the Matters of the Heart album in March and I have lots of songs coming so fans should watch out.

TW: Your last words to fans?

Akwaboah: My fans should always expect the best from me and patronise my art.


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