MCE encourages women to aspire for leadership roles

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Tema West Municipal Assembly,Anna Adukwei Addo, has encouraged women to aspire for leadership roles and called on relevant stakeholders to strengthen policies for them to take up such positions.

“Women need more empowerment particularly in economics, education, and other fields of endeavour to enable them to participate actively in politics, not as praise singers, but take positions in national political leadership and governance,” she stressed.

Ms Addo encouraged Ghanaian women, both at national and international institutions to venture into active politics adding that “I will continue to encourage, assist and support women by any means, and I will continue to advocate that women take political positions so as to serve as role models in transforming society”.

She said making value chains more gender-inclusive was important to her and the Assembly, as sustainable socioeconomic development could not be achieved without effective, efficient, equal participation and contribution of both genders to avoid marginalisation.

“The era, where women are left out in decision-making is over and I encourage women not to feel marginalised but be part of policy decisions and to challenge such notions to occupy political positions to serve as role models for more women to venture into the political arena to sanitise it since we are ethical, civic-minded, responsible, champion diversity, issues of equality, fair and firm,” Ms Addo noted.

She touted that women in leadership sought to further economic, social, and political progress for all, thus empowered women would improve outcomes and bring about good results in their endeavours. -GNA

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