Match Review Panel meets today

The Match Review Panel of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) will hold its next meeting today to review complaints received from clubs in the ongoing Ghana Premier League (GPL), Division One League (DOL) and the Women’s Premier League (WPL) as well as other matches that the panel deems fit to review.

Today’s meeting will review match officials decisions in a number of matches including the Accra City Stars FC versus Accra Lions FC match which has generated a lot of discussions.

The panel which was established to receive complaints from clubs and to review the performance of match officials is also mandated to review matches for which no complaints have been lodged if it merits a review.

The panel has sanctioned a number of referees who have fallen short of the expected standards, recommended some match officials and also referred a GFA Cameramen to the Disciplinary Committee for sanctions.

An FA statement said the panel has the power to suspend, ban match officials, order forfeiture of fees due match officials or make recommendation for a referee or Match Commissioner to be removed from the GFA referees list or match commissioner list.

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