Marricke Gane, Agyenim Boateng to challenge Election 2020 disqualification

Two disqualified presidential hopefuls have serve notice of their intension to challenge their disqualification from the December polls in court.

This is because the Electoral Commission (EC) refused to give them the opportunity to correct all possible errors on their nomination forms that led to disqualification from the presidential race.

They are Marricke Gane, an independent presidential candidate and the presidential candidate of the United Front Party (UFP), Nana Agyenim Boateng, both threatening to seek legal redress.

The two presidential hopefuls were among five persons disqualified for failing to meet the Electoral Commission’s (EC) requirements and their disqualifications were announced on Monday by the EC when it provided updates on the selection of successful aspirants ahead of the elections.

The other disqualified persons from the polls included Kofi Koranteng, an independent candidate; Akwasi Addae Odike of the United Progressive Party (UPP) and Kwasi Busumbru of the People’s Action Party (PAP).  

For Mr Gane, the EC’s technical team found that a number of the signatures endorsing his form followed the same pattern and according to the commission, police subsequently came to the conclusion that a number of the signatures endorsing his forms were fake.

Mr Gane’s reaction to the development came via a Facebook video recorded Monday evening, saying, “I have not received any written concern from the EC and my team has not received any calls from the EC,” he complained.

He, however, indicated that he would do whatever it takes to resolve the issue and insisted that “we have to ensure that we do everything possible to ensure that issues that need to be redressed are redressed and there are many ways to resolve this, and we will explore every single one of them”.

There were no technical issues with his nomination form but three of the persons who were seen to have purportedly endorsed his forms denied endorsing his candidature and the signatures assigned to those persons were also found to be fake after police investigations.

“The Electoral Commission is not serious because how can you tell me that someone who has endorsed my forms has written to you to say he doesn’t know me, why don’t you bring the fellow in to notify me to meet the fellow one on one? I will take them to court,” Mr Gane fumed.

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