Marquis Robinson has Built an Empire Doing What He Loves

It takes a special kind of drive to make someone successful as a real estate investor. A more unique drive is the kind that is generated by self-determination and a mindset that is forward thinking and not constrained by the environment. Meet Marquis Robinson, real estate investor, business owner, and business mentor. His journey goes from a kid selling toys to his friends, to an investor hustling in the big city and building his wealth while doing something he loves.

Robinson’s journey has been one of massive personal growth. Starting off in very humble circumstances in a single parent household in rural South Georgia, he determined at a very young age that he was going to do what it took to be successful. As a middle schooler, he started off his life as a hustler on the playground and the schoolyard, selling trading cards, candy, and toys to his friends and classmates. His mother heavily encouraged his personal growth by giving assignments to read about businesses and stories of success. “I wanted to be a symbol of hope,” Robinson said. With this desire, he graduated high school, went to a state university where he studied history and business, and became a middle school teacher. As a teacher, his growth still felt incomplete. Marquis would work shifts bagging groceries at the local grocery store in order to make some additional money. After a few years of grinding in both jobs, a conversation with a cousin over real estate quickly turned his attention to real estate investing. This was the most logical next step for Robinson, who had already been interested in becoming a real estate agent. He knew this method would help him gain wealth much faster than his original plan, saying, “Every book you read says that real estate investing is the way to wealth, not working as an agent, where you’ll make 3% of the deals you close.” After real estate investing caught his attention, he began the next stage of his journey hustling and closing deals.

Marquis is an avid reader. He’s attributed most of his success to the education that he has engaged himself in and recommends that same interest in self-education to everyone he mentors. Throughout his time as an investor, his appreciation for books and mentorship has only grown over the years and has helped him achieve enormous success. Robinson believes there is no better tool in the hands of an investor than mentors and coaches. He himself has hired business coaches to help him build his own real estate empire. He encourages the investor to learn what they can from the internet, business writers, and others who have been where they are going. Some books that he recommends to his clients include “Richest Man in Babylon” and “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” The mindset he most wants to encourage in his peers is a lack of self-imposed limits. Whether its education or the ability to build wealth, Robinson believes that a mindset of scarcity is the biggest obstacle facing the individual in their pursuit of success.

Breaking out from a background and environment that isn’t conducive to growth, economic or personal, is no small feat. Robinson has been able to both break out of the limits many succumb to and to bring others along the same path he’s taken. In using his owning process as an example, he has been able to show his clients and his students just how few limits actually exist for the individual who is able to see the possibilities that exist all around them.

To learn more about his course for potential real estate investors or to see the services his company Skyview Acquisitions provides, you can follow him on Instagram at Wealth_Forever.

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Also, check out his course on real estate investing and see if this is the course for you in your next few steps as an entrepreneur at the Wholesale Mastery Course.

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