Marin Barzani Discusses Valuable Assets Everyone Has Access To

From our mindset to our resilience, we possess an endless array of tools that help us reach personal success. However, not everyone knows how to access these tools, and many people will spend their lives looking outside themselves to achieve the success they seek. Entrepreneur Marin Barzani understands his personal strength and believes that following his passion and leaning into his adaptability has helped him reach his ever-growing success.

As CEO of the Zagros company, one of the most powerful corporations in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Marin Barzani has developed skills for success that allow him to excel where others falter. Speaking of the often untapped power of inherent strength, Marin says, “I found my greatest success when I invested in myself and followed my passion for excellence, adapting to any setbacks that came my way by building ironclad resilience.” Marin shares that growing up surrounded by his family’s success encouraged him to build his own. Marin Barzani’s family built the Zagros company brick by brick, and when he returned from his studies in the USA, he took the powerful group to even greater influential heights. He shares that his family’s constant quest for creativity and productivity in their field imbued him with a passion to excel in every area of his life.

Marin Barzani’s father established the Zagros company in 1991. The corporation, which oversees everything from aviation to medical care, grew in strength as Marin himself grew to be a gifted and accomplished entrepreneur. Marin believes that without his built-in passion to excel, he would not have reached his current success. He says, “When you commit to following your passion and refuse to accept failure, you discover that every single key needed to open the doors to success is in your hands.”

It’s easy to believe that success can only be achieved if we have access to monetary assets and opportunities. But the truth is, we already possess every tool needed to reach personal greatness.

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