‘Man United’ come tops in TLS sports festival

Trinity Lutheran School (TLS) at the weekend, held its sports festival to enhance the agility and fitness of the students to promote academic work.

The event, held at the campus of the school, witnessed the students grouped into clubs such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, Barcelona, Arsenal and Manchester City by their choices, to battle out for a trophy.

At the end of a 70-metre race, high jump, sack race musical chair among other games, Manchester United emerged winners with accumulated points of 200.

Responding to questions why the teams were grouped into only foreign clubs, Executive Manager of the school, Mrs Emma Akorfa Dzokoto, said the students were told to freely choose either one local or foreign club of their choice under the supervision of their parents; but it turned out that all the students and parents subscribed to the foreign clubs.

She, however, stated that to imbibe the spirit of patriotism and the love for our local clubs and league, the students would be instructed to choose a local club of their choice in subsequent events to help promote Ghanaian clubs and league which she exemplified by wearing an Accra Hearts of Oak replica jersey on the sporting day.

According to her, primary focus of education was the academics, which certainly was an important aspect of building a child’s career, but TLS recognises the importance of sports or physical fitness of children in education.

As an educationist, Mrs Dzokoto emphasised the role of Physical Education in the psychological and physiological development of the children.

She stated that children who embraced sports and other vigorous activities were agile and fit which helps in the cognitive development and memory functions of the brain, thereby performing better in their studies.

In providing comfort through making every basic necessity available for their children, she reminded parents to monitor their children’s health and fitness as well their diet for a wholesome development of the children.

The TLS Executive Manager bemoaned how some parents neglected the complete upkeep of their children to the extent of not knowing the classes in which their wards were.

She encouraged them to reduce the sedentary lives of their children and effectively partner the school for the interest of their children.

Head of Physical Education Department, Mr Richard Ndor, for his part said integrating physical activities in their curriculum was a great way of unearthing young talents and promoting sports and healthy lifestyle among the children.

At the end of the games, Mr Ndor observed that a lot of the students were unfit and got tired at the least exercise.

As the school played its part by organising fitness and sports events for the children, he entreated parents to take the health and fitness of children seriously.


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