Malaria cases drop in Tanyigbe in past 4 months

Malaria cases have been reducing steadily in Tanyigbe in the Ho municipality for the past four months.  

Earlier this year, health authorities expressed worry over the growing number of malaria cases in the area which hit 291 in July, with the Tanyigbe Health Centre treating 30 cases of malaria daily.  

The area has a population of about 4, 000.  

However, a sudden curb in the trend saw the cases of malaria falling from 204 in August, this year to 140 in September.  

The cases further dropped to 114 in October and again to 109 in November.  

“We are expecting more declines in the cases,” said Ms Victoria Kpelly, Ho Municipal Director of Health Services.  

In an interview prior to the Municipal Farmers’ Day celebration at Tanyigbe on Friday, she attributed the decline in the cases to the use of treated mosquito nets by more households in the area in recent time.  

“Apart from that, the rains are subsiding,” said the Municipal Director of Health Services.  

Ms Kpelly revealed that the daily attendance of patients at the health centre dropped from 10 in August to eight in September.  

In October, the daily patients’ attendance at the three-bed facility stood at eight and then fell again to six in November, she added.  

According to her, there were also few cases of coughing and diarrhoea in the daily patients’ attendance at the health centre.  

“We are still distributing treated mosquito nets in the municipality to ensure that the cases of malaria fall drastically,” she told the Ghanaian Times.  


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