Making Independence anniversary celebration in Tamale a memorable one

For the first time in the history of the country, the government has decided that the celebrations of this year’s Independence anniversary should be celebrated in the Northern Regional capital of Tamale.

This is also the first time that the celebration would be held outside the national capital, Accra, since Ghana gained independence from Great Britain.

The significance of this year’s celebration, according to the Deputy Minister of Information, Enam Pius Hadzide, is to consolidate the success in achieving peace and unity among the people of Northern Region and the entire country.

“It reiterates the fact that Ghana will continue to be the beacon of hope, while remaining peaceful  and also protecting its enviable record of being one of the most peaceful countries in Africa”, he said.

The Ghanaian Times supports the government’s decision to shift the celebration for the first time to the Northern Region of Ghana, particularly when the idea is to consolidate peace in that part of the country.

By now, every Ghanaian is aware of the many trouble spots in the Northern part of the country and the efforts successive governments have made to bring about peace and development in that area.

If one of the ways to nurture and consolidate peace in the area is to celebrate the Independence anniversary over there, then we support the government 100 per cent in that regard.

According to the government the idea behind celebrating the day in Tamale is not only to boost the local economy but also serve as an opportunity for the region to showcase its rich and diverse cultural heritage and promote local content and tourism.

We laud the government for the decision and hope that all Ghanaians would support the government to celebrate one of the grandest Independence anniversaries in the annals of the country.

Already we are told feverish preparations are underway for the series of activities to take place in Tamale.

While encouraging everyone to embrace the occasion, we would like to caution all the people to ensure that the anniversary becomes one never to be forgotten.

It is important for those in the area to recognise that a lot of visitors, including the diplomatic corps would descend on Tamale and it is, therefore necessary for them to ensure that the celebration comes off peaceful.

We are hopeful that once the Tamale celebration ends successfully, other parts of the country would be given the opportunity to celebrate the Independence Day in turns.

The government deserves commendation for the decision to mark the day outside the national capital for the first time.

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