Maison Novague Turns Heads With A Spontaneous Photoshoot In New York’s Central Park And Times Square

Earlier this September, the folks at Maison Novague did a spontaneous photoshoot on New York’s streets, Central Park, and Times Square. This is one of the craziest things they have ever done. However, the shoot gave passersby a glimpse of the brand’s ready-to-wear summer collection.

One particular dress that the model wore was a white jumpsuit. The other one she donned was a paisley print two-piece dress. Interestingly, Maison Novague’s very first photoshoot was also done in September last year. It happened in 2021, shortly after the launch of the company. “In a short time, Maison Novague has gathered interest for its style and for being so unique in their approach to design products,” says one of the brand’s representatives. 

Meryem Uzerli had worn the company’s fashion items for the September 2021 shoot. Her images featuring an elegant dress from the brand’s Haute Couture collection evoked many positive reactions on social media. The more recent photos involving this charming model and actress were taken by Fethi Karaduman, a famous Turkish commercial portrait, and fine-art photographer.

A new brand with an international appeal, Maison Novague was founded on August 10, 2021, by Fariba Pourkhajani. Using only the materials chosen with great care by the founder, renowned tailors handcraft the brand’s garments and accessories. Within a few months of its first photoshoot, individuals from various corners of the world had shown interest in the brand’s elegant collections. The colorful and eye-popping blazers were also shot with the beautiful MeryemUzerli by Fethi Karaduman. 

The clothing brand has undoubtedly attracted a lot of attention internationally with its range of offerings and glamorous shoots. One of their greatest steps towards success has been their ability to do a photo session with an immensely successful model and actress. Fariba Pourkhajani hopes for her haute couture to be worn by famous celebrities and models in the days to come.

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