Mahama: Reluctance to punish appointees hindering nation’s progress

Former President John Mahama has expressed worry over the reluctance of political appointees to ensure that fellow politicians who go against the law are dealt with is hindering the progress, growth and development of the nation.

“As we prepare for the yuletide, the focus should also be on the strictures that hinder our progress, growth and development as a society,” he stressed.

Speaking at the maiden edition of the ‘Conversations in the Cathedral’ at the Holy Spirit Cathedral in Accra, former President Mahama noted that whilst many of the strictures were attitudinal and thus required determination, dedication, commitment and will power to overcome, others are structural and embedded in the democratic and governance system.

“The structural strictures both required attitudinal and far-reaching reforms to address them, we must reflect on strictures that hinder our progress as a society, many of the strictures are attitudinal which require determination and will power to overcome, other strictures are structural, embedded in our governance system which require both attitudinal and far-reaching reforms to address them,” he noted.

“There should be far-reaching reforms to change the trend which must include political will to punish our own without interference, fear or favour when they offend the laws of the land, reforms must also demand higher ethical standards from us as Christians and all aspects of our national life.

“I believe we can live up to demands of such higher standards, we have no option because that is only way to address challenges and problems of our nation for progress, growth, development and prosperity for all, we must also pray for God’s abundant blessings and favour upon our country in 2020 and beyond for peaceful, credible, transparent free and fair elections in 2020 devoid of violence.

“As we prepare ourselves for Christmas, let us also prepare in the new year 2020 and pray for God’s abundant blessings and favour upon our nation and it is my prayer we spend Christmas in peace without incidents and accidents so as in coming year, go to the polls to elect a leader to unseat President Nana Akufo-Addo having lost to me earlier in the December 2016 polls,” former President Mahama entreated. -abcnewsgh.com

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