Mahama: Don’t be passive in governance of nation

Former President John Mahama, has urged the clergy not to be passive in the governance of the nation but speak truth to power.
“The church, which serves as the moral conscience of society, must not be passive in the governance of the country but contribute towards her progress, growth and development,” he stressed.
The former president said the church must not be selective when criticising those at the helm of the country’s affairs. So that national development would be far advanced “if church leaders comment boldly on national issues regardless of whose ox is gored.”
Speaking at the induction ceremony of the new General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God Church, former President Mahama explained that the church does not exist only to pray for leaders but exists also to provide suggestions and guidance to leaders.
He noted that the church does not hang in the sky but it existed in society and whatever happened in society also affected the church adding that “today, with the economic crisis that we are in, it affects our congregation across the country and it is necessary for the church to continue speaking out anytime it thinks issues are not going on properly.”
Commending the Ghana Pentecostal Council for their recent suggestions to the government on how to address the current economic challenges, former President Mahama indicated that such gestures must be done regardless of the party in power.
According to him, it was his expectation it should be done no matter which government was in the helm of affairs of the country since there were many times when men of God and moral society who should speak up became quiet when one government was in the helm of affairs and they become loud when another government is in power, they become quiet.
Former President Mahama congratulated the newly inducted General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God Church, Reverend Stephen Wengam, who now heads the Assemblies of God Church and urged him to discharge his duties diligently.
Rev. Wengam pledged his commitment, dedication and determination to working in the interest of the Church and the country at large and appealed to factions in the ongoing Bawku conflict to end the tensions and restore the community to peace.
He called on relevant stakeholders to work together to find a lasting solution to the conflict which had plagued the community.

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