Mahama challenges govt to fix hardships

Former President and flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has challenged the government to fix the unfavourable economic climate it has created and not apportion blame.

He empathised with traders on their poor sales, attributing the situation to unfavourable economic climate created by government which was a fact the citizenry could not deny.

Addressing market women in Sogakope in the Volta Region, former President Mahama pointed out that “The economic hardships Ghanaians are enduring is a fact nobody can deny. The Finance Minister tells us that everyone knows that Ghana is broke, you are selling oysters, shrimps and so many other things, nobody needs to come and tell you that the economy is not doing well.

“Everybody selling something today can realise that they are making fewer sales than they used to do in the past and that is because times are hard. I charge the Nana Akufo-Addo-led administration to fix the mess they are creating,” the former president lamented.

The President, who was also on a recent regional tour of the region, described his predecessor as the one with no records to defend, no prescriptions to solve the country’s challenges questioning why he wants to be given the country back to govern.

His comment is in response to a comment made by former President Mahama that God brought the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the citizenry to appreciate the NDC and asked the NPP government to make good its numerous 2016 campaign promises because “people came and told the citizenry that the money was there, that we were sitting on money but yet hungry, why is the Finance Minister saying the country is broke?”

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