LPG launches manifesto, promises free varsity education

The Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), yesterday launched its 2020 Election manifesto with a promise of ensuring free university education to all Ghanaian citizens, when voted to power in the upcoming elections, in Accra.

The manifesto, titled, ‘A better tomorrow’ has 20 core objectives of revamping Ghana’s economy, focused on unemployment, entrepreneurship, women empowerment, education, infrastructure, sports, tourism and agriculture, among others.

The founder and leader of the LPG, Mr Kofi Akpaloo, who launched the manifesto, assured that no Ghanaian would be denied access to tertiary education when the party is voted into government.

He stated that the party would change and transform the Ghanaian economy if voted to power, saying, “The challenges facing Ghanaians in areas of unemployment, poverty, access to quality education, inadequate infrastructures and housing would be resolved through this manifesto when given the nod”.

Mr Akpaloo said Ghana’s natural resources, including bauxite, gold, timber, coffee, cocoa were enough to change the misfortunes of the country.

He reiterated that, an LPG government would fulfill its promise of paying each unemployed Ghanaian a monthly allowance of GH₵ 300.

Mr Akpaloo gave the assurance that the LPG would also pay workers, who would lose jobs during crisis their basic monthly salaries whilst those who would receive money below the minimum wage would be given GH₵200 addition to their monthly income.

Mr Akpaloo said the LPG government would regulate illegal mining, popularly known as  ‘galamsey’, and small scale mining so that operators would be able to compete with international mining companies.

He said the party if voted to power would ensure that all national service personnel undergo  mandatory six months military training, to inculcate discipline into the youth, with assurance that all deplorable road would be fixed by the end of 2024.

Mr Akpaloo said an LPG government would invest 60 billion dollars in building a new city, stressing that the whole architecture of Accra, Ghana’s capital city, would be reconsidered.

This move, he believed would attract more tourists and investors to increase the country’s revenue.

“The LPG would transform Ghana by using sovereign money to build Ghana. After a year in government, nobody would import rice and poultry because we would produce what we eat every year. We are not bragging, we know what we are talking about, and we would make Ghanaian richer,” Mr Akpaloo.

He said the LPG would pay all contractors owed by the government through a thorough validation, adding  that $10 billion dollars would be allocated for the building of 10 ultra-modern hospitals in 10 selected regions.


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