Liverpool fans cleared of wrongdoing in 2022 Champions League final

A UEFA-commissioned review into the treatment of Liverpool fans outside the 2022 Champions League final, has found failings “almost led to a disaster” after faults by European football’s governing body and the lack of a venue risk assessment by French authorities.

French police face criticism in the independent report for firing tear gas and pepper spray indis­criminately on concourses near turnstiles being used by Liverpool fans, leading to crushing around security barriers at the Stade de France before the game against Real Madrid.

The report ordered by the UEFA leadership to uncover what went wrong – even within their or­ganisation – was made public after Sky News revealed some of its key conclusions before its publication.

UEFA have again apologised to Liverpool and said that “a special refund scheme for fans” will be announced separately.

There were significant issues accessing the venue and French authorities have been criticised for deflecting responsibility, particularly after false claims about a mass of fans without tickets or fake ones.

Police have been blamed for not being proactive enough in intervening when locals – who tried to climb fences and jump turn­stiles – attacked fans and for being over-reliant on the use of tear gas and pepper spray on blameless fans. -Sky Sports

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