FASHION in Ghana is gradually gaining grounds as outsiders are appreciating Ghanaian fabrics and styles at a very fast rate.

Social media and television have also played significant roles in portraying the Ghanaian culture through the clothes we wear.

Almost all tertiary institutions have also begun incorporating the course, Fashion and Design into their curriculum, attracting lots of interested persons to pursue either a degree or diploma in the field.

For some people like Josephine Aikins, popularly known as Liddell, fashion design is something she never learned but was a gift she was born with.

She told Times Weekend (TW) in an interview yesterday that she grew up seeing herself knitting a few things together and today, she is the proud owner of The Liddell Fashion Trend.

Liddell, as a product of Cape Coast Technical University (CCTU) and Wesley Grammar Senior High School in Accra, has won the hearts of many in the country not just because of her creativity but also because she is generous.

She has trained several less privileged in the field of fashion and still goes out to offer her best when it comes to building her brand and selling Ghana to the rest of the world through fashion.

TW caught up with Liddell and delved deep into her life and world of fashion.

Read on:

TW: How are you doing Liddell?

Liddell: I am doing very well thank you.

TW: How long have you been into fashion?

Liddell: I started doing fashion design eight years ago, right after my National Service.

TW: Wow! How has the journey been?

Liddell: The journey has not been smooth throughout but it has been okay and I am thankful to God for that.

TW: When you say okay what do you really mean?

Liddell: I mean it has been very good. I cannot complain.

TW: That is good to know. Did you study fashion in school?

Liddell: No, I studied secretariaship and management studies at the Cape Coast Technical University and I continued to the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) where I graduated with a degree in Public Administration in 2015

TW: That is really surprising and impressive. You never learnt anything about fashion, yet your works are flawless.

Liddell: (Smiles) I will take that as a compliment. Growing up I enjoyed stitching and putting stuffs together and I guess that was where I discovered my talent because the zeal to create different outfits with my needle and thread and my mother’s old sewing machine kept growing till I was gifted with an industrial sewing machine by my boss during my National Service after he realised I loved sewing.

Constant practising also made me perfect. I made my own clothes and when my friends see me wearing them, they ask me to make some for them and that is how I started commercialising my talent and here we are today. Initially my father was not so much in support of my chosen field but with time he accepted that was what I really wanted to do and got used to it.

TW: It is very good you stood your grounds and pursued what you really wanted; success will never elude you as long as you do what you love. Just remain hardworking and resilient; the sky is your limit. Ghana is proud to have such gifted and entrepreneurially minded youths like you.

Liddell: Thank you.

TW: Last year, you organised the first ever Cape Coast Fashion Show in the Central Region. How did it go, considering how modelling is in our part of the world is, as compared to the Western World?

Liddell: It was not easy at all but things are getting better now because Ghanaians are beginning to appreciate modelling in our own African prints with beautiful designs. Even the Westerners also love it so there is hope.

TW: How many fashion shows have you done so far?

Liddell: So far I have done three.

TW: So what should we expect from The Liddell this year.

Liddell: I have lots of flawless designs, perfect for every body type and my charges are very affordable so no one should get scared to visit us for a treat (laughs).

TW: Are you sure your charges are not scary, I am asking because fashion designers charge exorbitantly nowadays.

Liddell: (Laughs) do not be afraid because The Liddell suits every pocket.

TW: What advise do you have for people who think sewing or fashion design is for illiterates?

Liddell: Fashion is definitely not for the uneducated, nothing feels better than being your own boss. All hands are not equal so wherever you find yourself just be innovative and appreciative, the rest will follow.

TW: Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Liddell: Akosombo.

TW: Who are your favourite African actor and musician?

Liddell: My all time favourite is Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson and my favourite musicians are Sir Solomon and Double Army.

TW: Wow! Who do you look up to when it comes to fashion?

Liddell: I love Sima Brew because of her sense of creativity. She is one fashion designer I can boldly say I admire. She is just impeccable.

TW: That is good to know. Thank you very much Liddell for your time.

Liddell: Thank you for having me.

BY RAISSA SAMBOU                            

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