LG Refrigerators Deliver Smarter Culinary Life and More Hygienic Food Management

With the technological advancements in today’s refrigerators, consumers have come to hold these products to a higher standard and to meet the expectations of today’s demanding consumers, appliance makers are focusing more than ever on enhancing convenience by improving usability and accessibility.

 Appliances are evolving to suit consumer needs as they appear, and the most innovative manufacturers are the ones that are able to predict user trends and meet their demands before they arise.

Time and time again, LG Electronics has established a reputation as a company that is unafraid to push the boundaries of innovation and challenge convention. Its dedication to consistently work to bring convenience-enhancing features to consumers has resulted in a number of breakout products including the Home Bar and the InstaView Door-in-Door™ with Inverter Linear Compressor to boost overall energy efficiency and performance.

 LG Electronics is helping consumers realize their dream kitchens with the InstaView™ Door-in-Door™ refrigerator with UVnano and NeoChef Microwave. Adding to an already comprehensive list of features, these new kitchen appliance models demonstrate LG’s commitment to giving consumers more choice and helping them to live their best hygienic, culinary lives.

According to the General Manager, Home Appliances Division, LG Electronics West African Operations, Mr. Brian Kang, LG deliberately spent time to come up with such products which can be describe as most energy efficient in the fridge production category.

; LG’s iconic InstaView Door-in-Door technology helps to minimize cold air loss and extend food freshness, the LG InstaView panel illuminates the interior of the refrigerator with just two quick knocks on the transparent glass so users can see inside without opening the door, while Door-in-Door technology helps organize everyday favorites for quick and easy access to often-used items without having to open the entire refrigerator.

The Anti-Bacterial EasyClean™ Coating inside NeoChef eliminates 99.99 percent2 of harmful bacteria with just three wipes; he said.

“For many families, the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, and a place where they often find their hands tied. Now consumers have even more convenience in their homes, all just by using the Wi-Fi-enabled features directly on the refrigerator, connecting on their mobile phone via LG ThinQ App. If the kitchen’s the heart of the home, LG smart refrigerators with ThinQ® are the hub of the family” said Brian Kang.

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