Let’s support local music industry-Scotty

He is an ardent fan of rapper and hip hop recording artiste, Sarkodie and has been soaring to get to the level of the ‘rap god’ as many call him.

Benjamin Tetteh has been doing music since childhood, performing at various events, hoping by the time he reaches the pinnacle of his career, his name would be on the minds of every music lover on the globe, especially in Africa.

He believes that Africans are full of creative people with unimaginable talents.

In an interview with Times Weekend (TW) on Thursday Ben said “our only problem is we do not support our own most of the time, I can confidently say that if more attention is given to the arts industry in terms of promotions and publicity, irrespective of whether a person is famous or not, people will be marvelled at what we have right here, especially in Ghana.”

 History, he asserted could never be questioned, especially when there is evidence.

The signee of Maxx Hype Entertainment cited Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, James Brown, Stevie Wonder Aretha Franklin, Chuck Berry,  Tiwa Savage, Mafikizolo, Blayze, Misa Lira, Stone Bwoy, Amakye Dede, C.K Mann, Shatta Wale, Dope Nation and Wiz Kid among others, as proof to the face that indeed, Africans lead the world when it comes to talent in music.

Known in showbiz as Scotty, the rapper, who holds a High National Diploma (HND) from the Kumasi Technical University, could not hide his passion for music as TW engaged him in an in-depth conversation to know more about his passion and aspirations.

Come with me as I explore his musical genre….

TW: What really drives your passion for music in Africa, it is very evident in everything you do, it seems as though it is impossible to hide it, why? Are you our saviour? (laughter)

Scotty: (laughs) I must say it is because I am very proud of my roots, I live in Bantama in Kumasi  but  originally from Osu in Accra , in the Greater Accra Region. I am very “crazy” about Africa because I strongly believe there is nothing impossible for an African to achieve that is why when given the least opportunity, we excel in all we do.

There is proof of what I am saying so just watch out for me, in the next two to three years, I will be making waves in the country, I am just praying for life, grace and good health, everything else will follow, trust me.

TW: There is no doubt that with determination, nothing is impossible to achieve. You are gradually gaining grounds in the Ghanaian music industry, share with us how your journey has been so far.

Scotty: Doing music these past six years has not been very easy but I am sailing through, my passion drives me to continue. Trust me breaking into the Ghanaian music market is very tough!

TW: Most Ghanaian musicians are not happy about how affairs at the Musician Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) are being run? Do you think they are right?

Scotty: I think they are not peddling untruth, especially when the complaints are not coming from just one person, most of the members are complaining so it means something is not going right.  As an organisation, MUSIGA should position itself well and adopt a listening attitude to members and prioritise their welfare.

TW: I agree with you. How would you describe today’s music industry?

Scotty: We have an awesome industry and I am happy to be part of it.

TW: Who are your favourite entertainers in Ghana?

Scotty: Sarkodie, actor James Gardiner and comedian DKB.

TW: What is your best 2019 song?

Scotty: Dope Nation’s Zanku is my best song.

TW: What inspired you to compose the songs Belaire and Good life, that are currently trending online?

Scotty: The inspiration behind everything I do is God.

TW: That is good. If God remains at the centre of all you do, you will be successful. Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Scotty: Ada, I really love riding the Jet Ski, it is really fun!

TW: Away from music, let us talk about liposuction, many celebrities are patronising liposuction services to enhance certain features on their bodies, it has come with lots of criticism from their fans and Ghanaians in general, actresses Moesha Budoung, Salma Mumin and Sandra Ankobiah have also gone under the knife, do you have any comments about that?

Scotty: I am sorry to say this but I think people who do such things do not appreciate how God created them, I do not endorse liposuction. Let us learn to love how we look and improve our appearance by eating the right kinds of food and exercising as often as possible.

TW: Not to talk of the risk factors associated with the procedure. Hmmmmm! Thank you very much for your time Scotty. Looking forward to joining you on your next Jet Ski ride in Ada!

Scotty: (laughs). Thank you too.


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