Let’s reject vigilantism – Rev. Brown Forson

The Tema Diocesan Bishop of the Methodist Church-Ghana, Right Reverend Thomas Forson, has asked the citizenry to protect the peace and stability by rejecting vigilantism which has gained roots in the country, and secure a viable future for generations yet unborn.

 “God has blessed our nation with peace and stability under the rule of law, we must protect them by showing gross dislike and disapproval to such groups that seek to topple peace and stability of our nation,” he cautioned.

Rt Rev. Forson, who made the call at the 22nd Synod of the Tema Diocese of the Methodist Church at Community Eight, Tema, noted that “vigilante groups are usually formed to prevent crime and ensure orderliness in communities, but the term has taken on a foul meaning as political vigilante groups have sprung up all over the country, causing mayhem and disorder.

“The citizenry and the church need to educate the youth about the need to disband the political groups and stick to the rule of law, peace and stability in running the nation because vigilante groups can be destructive, we would destroy our country if we allow such politics to override our wishes in allowing vigilante groups to thrive.

“The nation will grow not because of political parties, but rather citizens who care and put her first since a number of Ghanaians have been trained to take care of community, national security, protect rule of law, and there is no need for such groups, the composition of vigilante groups is only an act of selfishness and greed on the part of some individuals.

“It is not the individual who matters most but Ghana, let’s revert to right procedure in doing things for the church to sustain sensitising congregation to do what is right in the sight of God and constitution, and ensure structures work for us to live as peaceful and stable people,” Rt Rev. Forson underscored.

The Very Rev. Samuel Akyea, the Secretary to Synod, advised parents to protect their children against rate of kidnapping and insisted that they needed to be serious with their security.

“In tasking parents to be cautious of how they take security of their children, I wonder why some children can sleep on the streets and their parents know nothing about their whereabouts, taking care of children should be everyone’s responsibility because they are gifts from God and parents need to protect them,” Very Rev. Akyea stressed.


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