‘Let’s read scriptures in mother tongue’

The General Secretary of the Bible Society of Ghana (BSG), Very Rev. Dr John Kwesi Addo Jnr, has called on churches to help create awareness among Ghanaian Christians to desire the reading of the scriptures in their mother tongue.

According to him, reading the bible in the mother tongue made it more meaningful and easier to understand.

“We enjoy the full blessing of God’s unhanging word through our reading and study, I dare say the value of reading the unhang­ing word of God in one’s mother tongue cannot be overemphasised,” he added.

Very Rev. Dr Addo Jnr dis­closed this during the Bible Week celebration at Mt Olivet Methodist Church, Dansoman, in Accra on Sunday.

It was on the theme “God’s Un­changing Word: Hope for All”.

He said the society was current­ly translating the Bible into the Okere, Effutu-Senya and Bono languages and later in the year, Wassa and Larteh language projects would also begin.

Very Rev. Dr Addo Jnr said the society had started work to produce a Sign Language Bible for the hearing-impaired members of the Ghanaian society who consti­tute 0.4 per cent of the population but have little or no access to the scriptures.

He urged Christians to allow the word of God to light their paths and challenged them to become better people.

The General Secretary, thus, admonished Ghanaians to do away with corruption and allow what the scripture teaches “us to inform our everyday life”.

He said Ghana, a country where over 71 per cent of its population were Christians, continued to struggle with corruption.

He intimated that if the citizens, both leaders and religious organ­isations, would allow the word of God to direct their paths, the country would prosper.

“God has given us the light and the light is His Word, all of us as His people must follow this light, the principles and the values that the scripture teaches us. We must of necessity follow to the glory of God,” Very Rev. Dr Addo Jnr added.

He said the Bible “is against stealing, cheating and any other thing that goes contrary to His Word, and so if we will follow suit His word and hold onto the right principles, nobody will be needed to watch over me before I do what is right”.


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