Let’s promote domestic tourism

Tourism plays a very vital role in poverty mitigation through income generation, employment and infrastructural development for the local communities where tourist attractions are located to generate revenue for the government.

Globally, there’s now a demand for better quality product when it comes to tourism.

Ghana has many breathtaking tourist attractions as a result of its natural resource endowment and also rich cultural heritage.

Examples of which are Paga Crocodile Pond,  Cape Coast and Elmina Castle, Kakum National and Canopy Walkway, Buabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary just to mention but a few.

However, like many other African countries, Ghana has not realised the full benefit that can be derived from these attractions.

It is important to know the tourism is deemed as one of the promising sectors of the national economy.

In Ghana, there has been little effort to holistically coordinate the activities of the industries that from part of the tourism product, which is the totality of tourist attractions, facilities and services.

These include basically transport, accommodation, restaurant and souvenir traders. Each of these industries are treated separately and marketed as such.

A tourist visiting any tourist site in a country or community spends money on accommodation, transport, food, entrance fee and souvenirs among others.

The rest of the stay of tourists after visiting tourist site is left to the care of small scale industries.

Alongside the tourism centre many industries have been established by people, especially at tourist site, to ensure the provision of certain complementary services as mentioned above.

Efforts have been made time and again to improve upon the quality of services provided by tourism industry.

There will always be lots of people wanting a place to visit. How many of these people are willing to visit our beloved country with all its rich reserve? How are potential tourists seeing Ghana and its tourist attractions?

It behooves every Ghanaian to view it as a responsibility to contribute one way or the other towards the proper array of tourism in order to better contribute towards development.

By Beatrice Aidoo( student Journalist)

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