Let’s prepare for future virus threats – Marricke Gane

Marricke Kofi Gane, an aspiring independent presidential candidate, has called on the government to set aside at least $30 million every year to consistently build a more resilient and constantly ready emergency system against future health and other general threats of a national scale.

He explained that there would be future threats which the citizenry must prepare for as a country towards a consistent, more resilient and a ready emergency system.

Contributing to ways the coronavirus could be dealt with in a Facebook video, Mr Gane pushed for the “resourcing of our research centres, proactively find frontier leaders in health prevention technologies, plug into the future of their work, either through investments or by establishing collaboration between them and our own institutions”.

He suggested the nation must build a truly functional and proactive emergency health system, not just a number of hospitals, wished health workers a great deal of courage, encouragement as they confronted the outbreak and was hopeful the security agencies and health officials would trace all suspected cases.

“Our best option is in prevention and containment, we have to retest all cases that tested negative few weeks ago, we will record more cases hence the need for us to prepare adequately for them, we need to establish a national health protocol with clear and measurable parameters that automatically trigger an interagency command formation and declaration of a national health emergency.

“The nation should also design, institute a national emergency communication, awareness protocol to include text, voicemails, radio, TV, and the rest that automatically kicks into motion from a single authoritative source once an emergency threshold has been breached,” Mr Gane advised. -rainbowradioonline.com

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