Let’s not succumb to the criminals

The news that thieves have raided the offices of the Police Commander of the Motor Traffic and Transport Department of the Tema Region is not only surprising but also alarming.

Many people who spoke to the Ghanaian Times after reading the story expressed shock and dismay at the spectacular manner and bravado displayed by the thieves in breaking into the office of the senior security officer and carting away valuable properties in the office.

Items reportedly stolen include 42-inch Nasco curve colour television set, 32 inch colour television, a laptop, GoTV decoder and GH¢13.00 cash.

The theft in the office of the senior police officer exposes the insecurity and the danger everyone is facing in the country.

It is rare to hear that a thief has broken into a house or office of a police officer let alone stolen items from them.

Today, the law enforcement officers are not being spared by thieves and armed robbers who are committing crimes that few years ago they dared not.

They only commit those crimes against vulnerable and defenceless civilians.

What is worrying is that the criminals commit the crime against the security personnel in a manner that suggests that the attacks are becoming more organised.

Looking at the burglary at the office of the Police Commander, one can safely conclude that it is not an act carried out by a single individual.

The ability of criminals to beat all the security arrangements and cart away property without notice is baffling.

The rising instances of attacks on the police seem that matters have taken a turn for the worse and, therefore, efforts must be made to stop it. We must not succumb to the criminals.

The challenge however, is that the police and for that matter security agencies are under resourced, lack infrastructure, equipment and personnel to protect themselves and the citizenry.

The ability to combat crime satisfactorily depends on the availability of the above-mentioned facilities which the nation must provide for effective policing.

This thrust necessitates a greater focus by both civilians and the security agencies whose responsibility it is to ensure the country is safe and the criminals are kept at bay.

We urge the government to provide the Police with logistics so that they can effectively combat and prevent crime in the barracks.   

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