Let’s engage in politics of values, principles–Sosu

Member of Parliament (MP) for Madina Constituency in the Greater Accra Region, Francis-Xavier Sosu, has challenged the youth to accept the fact that politics in the country can be done with values and principles.

“We cannot sit and continue to complain about how bad politicians are and do nothing about it because nothing works unless we work it out and it is time the youth think and worry about the future direction of this country,” he said.

Pledging to be a better leader in the fight to ensure that politics was conducted in a decorous manner and politicians abided by it, Mr Sosu noted that he was committed, dedicated and determined to bring hope to the citizenry and create opportunities for all by serving the people of Madina to the best of his ability.

Mr Sosu indicated that he represented a new generation of emerging leaders in the countrythat would put the country first and was hopeful of a new day coming soon when leadership would be about caring for the poor, the needy and the vulnerable and creating an enabling environment for survival of local industries and investors.

“I am committed to being the change I desire to see in the country, I desire to bring hope to my people and create opportunities for all in Madina and I desire to serve the people of Madina to the best of my ability.

“That is why youth empowerment through job creation, social interventions for the most vulnerable children, aged, and persons with disability as well as lobbying for infrastructure, quality, efficient and effective representation are my desired goals were my thoughts exactly a year ago which I still stand by them,” MrSosu assured. –

He explained that bridging the income inequality gap and investing in people, infrastructure and manufacturing to speed up a holistic growth and development might  take time but could change the nation’s political fortunes. asempanews.com

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