‘Let’s build strong grassroots ahead of Election 2024’

A member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) from the Suhum Constituency, Samuel Bruce Nyarko, has requested finance and logistical support and assistance to help establish a strong grassroots base ahead of the 2024 elections.

He explained that replenishing the party’s political base was the cornerstone for lively politics and the need for individual and communal involvement at the grassroots level.

“Without building the mechanisms at the grassroots, we cannot survive as a political party or win future general election and strengthening the grassroots will include providing them with the resources they require and devising effective and efficient campaigning techniques to attract electorate to vote massively for the party in future elections,” Mr Nyarko intimated.

He made the request at the presentation ofan HP Desktop computer and a printer to the NDC’s Suhum Constituency office to enable the office to discharge its administrative duties more effectively and efficiently.

To guarantee smooth office operations, Mr Nyarko paid the constituency’s office power bill in full for the next two years, relieving the office of the strain of having to deal with payments of power bills.

He observed that the desktop computer and printer would help constituency executives with their work and would also help maintain the office’s confidential matters as any party official papers or documents would not have to be printed outside.

“As a dedicated and committed member of the NDC, it is time for me to give my little resources to help boost the constituency’s progress, growth and development,” Mr Nyarko said.

Yaw Opoku-Okra, Suhum Constituency Chairman of the NDC, praised the donor for his generosity and promised to put the funds to good use and called for additional hands from members, supporters, sympathisers, well-wishers and faithful of the party to help uplift the constituency office to a attract people to conduct business with the executives.

He appealed to the leadership of the party to invest in the grassroots to make them resolute, focus and steadfast in their campaign to convince first time and floating voters to vote massively for the party to win future elections. -GNA

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