Let’s avoid disaster on Peduase-Ayimensah road now

In recent times, the Peduase-Ayimensah road in the Eastern Region has become dangerous due to frequent landslides.

The danger it poses includes the fall of rocks from the top of the Akuapem Ridge.

Fortunately, we have not had any human casualty.

But this does not mean that we should wait for a mishap before taking action to address the problem.

It is in this light that we welcome the Roads and Highways Minister, Mr Kwesi Amoako-Atta’s decision to demolish structures that are causing landslides along the said road.

Like many other Ghanaians he expressed worry that developers had put up buildings on the Akuapem range which were contributing to weakening the landscape.

This is in defiance of the district assembly’s regulation for structural development.

The activities of the developers clearly contribute to the falling rocks which have taken over the Peduase-Ayimensah Road, posing serious danger to motorists and pedestrians.

So, the only way out now is for the developers to stop their unlawful activities on the ridge.

Those who defy the order should not be spared the rod and must be punished severely.

Apart from causing the landslides, the human activities are also destroying the environment, particularly the vegetative cover.

This is criminal and must also be punished.

We have left people who degrade the environment and wreck havoc to often go unpunished.

We must use what is happening on this side of the country as a warning signal and stop these harmful activities once and for all.

We support the Minister of Roads and Highways and urge him to crack the whip and bring sanity on the ridge and for that matter the road.

We must not wait until disaster strikes before we take action.

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