Let’s appreciate our peace, stability—NCCE

The National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE) has urged the citizenry to appreciate and champion peace, stability and unity as the nation celebrated 62 years of independence from British colonial rule.

“The NCCE reminds Ghanaians to preach the values of peace, stability and unity to the youth because in unity, peace and development, we will stand great and strong amongst nations,” it stressed.

In a statement signed and issued to commemorate the Independence Day celebrations, Josephine Nkrumah, the Chairperson of the Commission, noted that the theme for the Independence Day celebration, ‘Celebrating Peace and Unity’ was timely because of security threats the country faces.

‘Celebrating Peace and Unity’, our 62nd-anniversary theme could not be more timely at a time when the nation continues to witness rampant security threats with the existence of political party militias, which reinforces the need for the citizenry to appreciate our enviable peace and stability.

“Sixty-two years of independence is a great achievement, it is important for the citizenry to appreciate how far our nation has journeyed, it behooves them to reflect on relevance of the day and what it represents in our national life.

“The commission urges the citizenry to reclaim and uphold the values and identity that best define us as a people which are values of peace, unity, tolerance, honesty amongst others.

“Our dear country has always been seen as  peace-loving, the values of peace and unity our forefathers lived to make a better and peaceful place for future generations, let’s begin to revive and restore the values as we celebrate 62 years of independence and beyond.

“Our independence day was celebrated out of Accra and observed in Tamale in the Northern Region, the historic peace in Dagbon after many years of conflict goes to emphasise the need for regional peace and stability as a necessary pillar for national development and further consolidates our growing democracy.

“The citizenry must seek to promote peace and cohesion, the commission reminds them to preach values of peace, stability and unity in our homes especially to the youth because in unity, peace and development, we will stand great and strong amongst nations.

“The citizenry including political parties, political actors, religious fraternity, security services, civil society organisations, trade unions and the media must redirect their actions and energies into projecting peace, stability and unity on their platforms towards promoting peaceful coexistence amongst us since the power of oneness promotes national stability, tolerance and cohesion,” the statement said.


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