Lepowura Jawula advises players to stay fit

Former president of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Lepowura MND Jawula, has called on players in the various national leagues to endeavour to remain fit, despite the COVID-19 crisis.

The various leagues have been put on ice as doubts increase over the possibility of restarting anytime soon.

“Admittedly, it is a very difficult moment for the players, club owners and administrators; but all shall come to pass.

“However, I would urge the players, especially, to do well to remain fit by training in the confines of their homes,” he said.

The former GFA boss advised the players not to take an unnecessary risk by going out to get infected by the coronavirus and spread it out in the process.

“It is in your own interest to practise all the health directives and protocols, and also try as much as possible to train at home. Of course, you may not hit the peak of your fitness at home, but it is better than nothing at all.

“If you go out, you are only putting your health and that of your beloved family at risk – and by extension spreading the virus,” he added.

Lepowura Jawula, who is a CAF Inter Clubs Committee member, also implored the players to abide conscientiously to the partial lockdown restrictions being observed at present and asked the clubs to find a way of monitoring their players.

“In Europe and other places, there’s radar on the movement of players by their clubs and stubborn players who flout the lockdown restrictions are sanctioned.

“We must not take Covid-19 for granted. It is fatally real,” he warned.

Lepowura Jawula told players to regard their present interruption as an obligatory rest before intensive training resumes – once a specific restart date is announced for full-flight football.


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