‘Larabanga short stories from the Savannah’ launched in Accra

A 204-page book of short stories chronicling the life and challenges of the people from the five regions of the north, was launched in Accra on Monday.

The book, which is a compilation of 22 stories from different authors is titled ‘Larabanga short stories from the Savannah’, and speaks of the rich and diverse culture of the people in the area.

Launching the book, the Corporate Affairs Director of AUCC, Miss Esi Yankah, said the book was an enriched document that would delight the reader from the beginning to the end.

She said the university was looking forward to more creative works from the Ama Ata Aidoo Centre for Creative Writing in order to bring the best out of Ghanaians.

The Director of the Community Youth Cultural Centre, Akosua Abdallah, described the compilation as a beautiful contribution to literature.

She said story telling had been part of the Ghanaian culture which had contributed to its promotion and impacted lives.

She said Africans had ceded their story telling to foreigners who had misrepresented it, hence “we need to tell our own stories before they distort it”.

“When we tell our own stories, it will mitigate the conceptions around our culture and make us relevant, expand our horizon and strengthen our societies.”

Reviewing the book, George Sidney Abugri, former Features Editor of the Graphic Communications Group Limited, said the theme of the various stories focused on the author’s expression of personal conflict, dysfunctional family relationship, crime, superstition, child marriage, rape and torture.

Describing the book as an interesting collection, he said the subject matter of the writers were diverse, as they were able to balance between literary technique, story plot and structure of narrative.

He said the author had come up with a collection that had added up to the depth and breadth of knowledge of the Northern Ghanaian culture and customs.

He urged Ghanaians to purchase the book saying, “These are great stories to keep you company in the sitting room, at the bus stop, on the plane or in the bus.”

At the ceremony, all 22 writers were awarded with certificates for their contribution towards the book.

The Acting Editor of The Spectator, Ms Georgina Quaitoo, said her outfit was pleased to partner the launch of the book because it falls in line with the mission of the newspaper and the New Times Corporation.

She expressed confidence that the book would encourage the youth to be creative in bringing social issues to the fore.

Ms Quaitoo commended the centre for the initiative and promised The Spectator’s partnership with the centre in other future projects.


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