Lante Djanwe celebrates Homowo

The Lante Djanwe Traditional Area, a division of the Asere Kotopon quarters of the Ga State, ushered in the celebration of the annual Homowo Festival last Saturday in Accra.

The celebration saw the sprinkling of ‘kpoikpoi’ the traditional homowo dish by the chiefs.

There was also the pouring of libation characterised by traditional drumming and dancing, reunion of family members and general merry-making.

The celebration, which brought together hundreds of citizens of Lante Djanwe, witnessed firing of muskets, singing and dancing to Ga traditional songs to climax the celebrations in grand style.

The Chief of the Lante Djanwe, Nii Lantei Otanka II, said the sprinkling of ‘kpoikpoi’ was performed to show gratitude to the gods and ancestors for a bountiful harvest.

He said that the annual celebration was also to ask for blessings in the years ahead and appealed to the people of the Ga Traditional State for unity.

Nii Lantei Otanka II expressed gratitude stakeholders and organizations that supported this year’s festival and assured a massive festival next year.


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