Lands Minister tasks Minerals Development Fund to roll out specific projects in 2023

Mr Samuel A. Jinapor, the Minister for Lands and Natural Resourc­es, has tasked the Minerals Development Fund (MDF) Secretariat to undertake a num­ber of development projects in mining communities across the country.

He made the demand during his engagement with Manage­ment and Staff of the Fund yesterday where he was ex­tensively briefed on the 2023 action plans of the fund for the year, 2023.

In an interaction with the media after the meeting, Mr Jinapor spoke glowingly about the achievements of MDF so far under the current govern­ment.

He touted the action plan of the MDF for 2023 as lofty and ambitious one that can only be achieved through a concerted and collaborative effort between agency and the ministry.

He explained that the plan contains projects in the areas of health, education, alternative livelihood empowerment and general infrastructure.

Mr Jinapor stressed that MDF held a key and it’s consequential in government’s plans to create a sustainable and environmental friendly mining sector.

The Minister said MDF’s core responsibility of promoting the welfare of mining communities in the country was important for the country.

He observed that MDF was created to ensure that the bridge between mining communities and developmental gap was bridged to allow for a serene and incident-free environment for the mining industry to thrive.

“The action plan is such that they are going to roll out a lot more projects in the mining communities. It is absolutely important that we carry indig­enous mining communities with us because without them, we will not have the needed stability to construct the mining industry we so wish,” he said.

“The Ministry is grateful for the work done so far and we want to commend the manage­ment and staff of the fund for doing an excellent work. The mandate and work of the MDF is so important and consequen­tial to our efforts at construct­ing a responsible mining indus­try in the country which has regards for the environment,” he added.

Dr Norris Hammah, the Ad­ministrator for the MDF, said his outfit was grateful to the Ministry for the support it had been receiving and was willing to team up with the Ministry to achieve its set objectives for the 2023 calendar year and beyond.

He stated that the MDF was mandated by law to provide financial assistance in various ways to mining communities and would ensure that the fund executed its mandate to the satisfaction of the residents in all mining communities.

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