Lands C’ssion urged to ensure proper boundary demarcation in Gomoa Fetteh

 The Central Regional Lands Commission has been asked to ensure proper demarca­tion of boundaries and registration of land in Gomoa Fetteh, to reduce the high incidence of land litigation and violence in the area.

This call comes in response to numerous disputes over land own­ership and boundaries, the most re­cent of which resulted in the killing of a soldier at Kasoa Millennium City, and terrorising of land owners by landguards.

Speaking at a press briefing on Sunday, the head of the Abor Awusi Twedan Royal Family, at Gomoa Fetteh, Abusuapanyin Kofi Ahomka I, noted that many of the land disputes in the area could have been resolved or prevented with accurate land registration.

He condemned landguard activities in the area, saying the leaders with assistance of the police were committed to eradicating such illegalities from the area.

“We will not sit back and allow bad people like landguards tarnish the image of Gomoa Fetteh. There will never be a repeat of the dastardly act on the late soldier,” Abusuapanyin Ahomka I said.

He appealed to the people to promote peace and unity towards development in Gomoa Fetteh and the entire nation.

He also asked the people to stop unfounded allegations against Kwesi Alhaji, a sub-chief of Go­moa Fetteh, who has been instru­mental in advancing development and maintaining peace.

“Individuals tarnishing the im­age of Kwesi Alhaji must stop be­cause Kwesi Alhaji has single-hand­edly promoted development within the area and, in collaboration with the police, helped maintain peace and order,” he explained.

Abusuapanyin Ahomka I ap­pealed to the residents of Gomoa Fetteh to remain calm, vigilant, and promote peace.

He urged them to report any suspected landguard activities to the appropriate authorities for prompt action, stressing that “people who engage in unlawful acts thereby tarnishing the image of Gomoa Fetteh, would not be spared if caught.”


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