LaDMA teachers, pupils of basic schools educated on plastic waste separation, mgt

Teachers and pupils from selected basic schools in the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) were on Wednesday educated on integrated plastic waste separation and management in their schools.

It was organised by the Ecological Restoration Club, an NGO in collaboration with the assembly with funding from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Teachers and Pupils from La Salem Presbyterian Primary School, Enibal Primary School, Association School and St Paul School were taken through the steps of collecting and disposing plastic waste in their various schools and at home and the communities.

In his address, the Municipal Chief Executive of LaDMA, Solomon Kotey Nikoi noted that the programme would inculcate the idea to desist from improper disposal of plastic waste in children which often result in environmental hazards in communities.

Mr Nikoi said apart from creating the menace of filth, plastic waste has been identified as the major contributing factor to perennial flooding in the municipality due to its improper disposal.

The MCE lamented on the nature of the once vast sea space of the Kpeshie Lagoon located in the municipality which has been turned into a dumping site for plastic waste.

He noted that, it is the fundamental duty of local authorities to ensure that the residents live in clean and unpolluted environment.

The MCE was therefore sure that the programme would serve as a disciplinary measure in the pupils at their tender age and propagate the idea of plastic waste separation and management in the municipality.

“To our smart and intelligent pupils, I believe your training will enable you to serve as ambassadors to propagate the idea of plastic waste separation and management on a large scale in your schools and communities” he said.

The Executive Director of Ecological Restoration, Emmanuel Odjam-Akumatey said the event is targeted at encouraging the pupils and the youth to be ambassadors of waste management by educating their friends and colleagues to adapt to waste separation in their schools and homes to save lives and the environment.

Mr Odjam-Akumatey said the programme is at its pilot stage and requires the participants to educate their friends and others to change their attitude towards the use of plastics from general waste through segregation.

The Executive Director said after this process the left over would allow those interested in the separated waste to be turned into other products and this would enable many plastics out of the environment.

According to him, the goal is to help reduce the pollution and filth caused by plastic waste to the environment and its associated effects like stench in chocked gutters, flooding, and others.

He urged the assembly to seek ways of mobilising collectors to go in for these separated plastic waste the pupils would be collecting in their schools.

Ms Habiba Kotomah, Municipal Director of Education, LaDMA thanked the organisation for the education and presentation of waste bins which will aid in the segregation of the plastic waste in the schools.

Ms Kotomah assured of the implementation of plastic separation and management exercise in the schools which according to the facilitators can be turned into beneficial products such as pavement blocks, sandals, bags and can generate income for the school.


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