LaDMA decongest Adiemba roads

The La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) as part of the ‘Operation clean your frontage’ initiative, yesterday began demolishing structures erected along the roads of Adiembra electoral area in  the municipality.

This, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Mr Solomon Kotey Nikoi said was to help create enough space for pedestrians to walk on.

“The target and the vision is we have to get the people a walk way. They cannot be walking on the street. The street is for the cars but they have to walk on the other side of the road, that is, the pavement”, he said.

Mr Nikoi indicated that it was the first of similar exercise to be undertaken by the assembly in all ten electoral areas in the municipality.

Members at the sanitation department also were also involved as they inspected properties of households in the municipality as those who had their frontage and their environment unclean were served summon notice.

Moreover, the MCE noted that it was inappropriate for residents and shop owners to erect structures four to five feet beyond their frontage.

“Every structure by the road side have to move back four to five feet so that we can create a walk way for pedestrians”, he said.

In its effort of enforcing this rule, the task force under the instruction of the MCE demolished and removed structures that had been erected beyond the four to five feet earmarked.

Also, some of the shops that were erected beyond the required measurement were moved to the Assembly premises with the help of a pick-up.

Meanwhile, residents and shop owners pleaded with the MCE to give them ample time to move the structures from where it was situated as they claimed they had not been given prior information, while others described it as a ‘selective’ exercise.

Mr Nikoi, however, said the Assembly had informed residents and shop owners about the intended decongestion exercise a day before through its announcement van.

He further explained that he was surprised by the attitude of the people as there had been enough sensitisation programmes for the people about the exercise.

He, therefore, advised the residents and shop owners to cooperate with the Assembly in its vision of maintaining a clean environment by heeding to the sanitation bye-laws.

Those who had their shops marked by the task force were informed by the MCE that his outfit would be back on Friday to check if they had complied with the directive.


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