Labone SHS 1971 Year Group donates to alma mater

The 1971 year group of the Labone Senior High School (SHS) yesterday donated a set of musical instruments to the music department of their alma mater in Accra.

The instruments included a keyboard stand, microphones, amplifiers and an organ.

A representative of the group, Professor Albert Addo-Quaye, stated that the purpose of donating these instruments was to give back to the school for instilling in them academic excellence.

“We came here to have our second cycle education and as far as we are concerned, it is one of the greatest assets we acquired and as such, giving back to the school is a way of lending a helping hand,” he stated.

He further mentioned that, the 1971 year group had narrowed their attention to the music department and had made it their personal project to invest there.

“There are so many needs of the school but we have narrowed our assistance to the music department in order to build their confidence in the musical world,” he stated.

The headmistress of the school, Madam Cynthia Obuo Nti, who received the instruments on behalf of the school, expressed her profound gratitude to the old students for their thoughtfulness towards the school after 50 years of completion.

“It is a moment of delight to see you come back to support us in diverse ways in building the music class and ensuring the school becomes well known to people around  the country. I believe this gesture will lift up the school as a whole and the music department as well,” she said.

Mr Kwame Arhin, the music director, promised the association the instruments would be well taken care of and used for the intended purpose.


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