La Traditional Council, LaDMA partner to address indecent behaviours among youth

The La Traditional Council is developing strategies to address indecent behaviours among the youth in the Municipality.

The strategies are expected to be drawn up in collaboration with the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA).

This was made known when the Council engaged stakeholders in a town hall meeting on May 3 under the theme; ‘Accounting to the people: our responsibility in ensuring flood free municipality.’

The town hall meeting provided the platform for the Council to engage stakeholders to discuss issues affecting the municipality and profess ways in addressing them.

According to the stakeholders, the issue of indecent behaviours such as smoking, loitering about, and gambling among the youth raised at the meeting impacted the municipality negatively. 

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) Solomon KoteyNikoinoted that indecent behaviors exhibited by the youth had the tendency of denying LaDMA responsible leaders to manage its affairs in the future.

“It has become very worrying of reports of social vices such as smoking, loitering, gambling and young ladies involving in several negative behaviours in the municipality and we us leaders must take steps to curb these habits from escalating,” Mr Nikoi said.

Mr Nikoi further hinted that the assembly would arrest and fine any individual caught engaging in activities such as open defecation, and dumping of refuse into the sea and open drainage.

In addition, he said images of individuals arrested would openly be displayed to serve as a deterrent to others.

On his part, Nii Adjei Koofeh IV, La Shikitele said in order to address the issue of indecent behaviours among the youth, all-hands-on-deck approach was needed to be adopted.

The La Shikitele also tasked security personnel at the assembly to take charge of the issue and arrest adults whoincite the youth to engage in such a deviant behaviours.

Other relevant issue of concern discussed at the meeting were the construction of La General Hospital and Trade Fair, revenue, health, education, sanitation, and local governance.


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