La Dade Kotopon MP expresses concern over defects on La Beach road project

The Member of Parliament (MP) for La Dade-Kotopon Constituency, has appealed to the contractor working on the La beach road project to rectify all abnormalities on that stretch of the road before proceeding further.

Ms Rita Sowah mentioned drainage, culvert and bridge challenges as some of the abnormalities which must be corrected to prevent future flooding in the area when it rains.

“Am appealing to the contractor working on the La beach road project to correct all abnormalities on drainage, bridge and culverts before moving any future to avert flooding if it rains heavily “,  she said.

The project is part of a 26.6 Kilometer road starting from the Black Star Square to Tema Community Three and it’s being constructed by China Ganzu International Corporation for Economic and Technical Cooperation (CGICETC) and China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Company Limited (CRMBEGCL).

The MP made these statements when she went around to monitor progress of work on the road under her jurisdiction, upon concerns from residents about the absence of drains and other abnormalities by the engineers.

She noted that if the engineers did not act fast and the project was allowed to continue to its final stage, the people of La would experience untold hardship after its completion.

The MP said a disturbing aspect of the La road project was that, the engineers had deliberately ignored to construct drains from the Kpeshie Lagoon side of the road all the way to Olympia.

According to Ms Sowah, she had gone to the engineer personally to report and even reminded the workers on several occasions about the drains but till now work was on-going without the drains.

She said that the drawings shown to her by the engineer had drains at all the sides of the road and could not understand why engineers ignored the side leading to the community.

Ms Sowah stressed that residents were upset when they saw engineers constructing drains before the curves at the side close to the sea without doing the same at the side where they were staying.

The MP also explained that the size of the culvert being constructed close to the Kpeshie Lagoon was not large enough to contain the huge volumes of water from adjourning smaller drains anytime it rained heavily.

She stressed that the bridge around the projects area must also be widened to allow debris that would be carried through it in case of heavy rains to go freely.

Madam Dede Sharsha Akroh and Joseph Oko Kamoah, residence of La said they were surprised contractors had refused to do drains and were constructing curves.


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